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Jump to navigation Jump to search Lezim लेझिम or lazium is a folk dance form, from the state of Maharashtra in India.

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There are minimum 20 dancers in lezim. This dance is named after a wooden idiophone to which thin metal discs are fitted which produce a jingling sound and the dancers clarian kadın kalp sağlığı this while classical dancing.

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Dholkia drum instrument is used as the main percussion music. It is performed dressed in colourful costumes.

Historically, there were a few variations of the lezim practiced in the villages of Maharashtra and parts of Gujarat, however these are seldom used today. One variation used a 2.

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This was used more as a form of exercise than dance, as the lezim was heavy. Such lezims were invariably hand made.

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They also contained a 6 inches long hand chain salaisakhalithrough which the four fingers fit snugly. Thus, a 5-minute lezim performance can consist of 25 different steps danced in unison.

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Changes in steps are "announced" by a ring leader using a whistle. The first lezim performance to an international audience was presented at the ninth Asian GamesDelhi where of the best Maharashtrian lezim players gave a demonstration.

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Striking the chains causes a cymbal like sound 2.