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Ngeh's parents were rubber tappers in Ayer Tawar. He was christened James by the late Rev. Koh Gie Bing.

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He married Cheok Foong Ling from Setiawan in They have three children. He went on to graduate from Universiti Malaya as a Bachelor of Laws.

The High Court sitting in Ipoh ruled that 'those who have made payments to IWK but had not kalp konuşma iwk sağlık any sewerage services could demand refunds'.

In the general electionhe contested but lost in both the Ipoh Timor parliamentary seat and Pasir Pinji state seat in Perak.

Ngeh begun to be a state assemblyman for SitiawanPerak for three terms continuously following his victories in theand general elections.

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He also served as the head of the Opposition in the Perak State Legislative Assembly from to Finally the Sultan rejected Ngeh and wanted to appoint a Malay who is a professional. In the general election GE14Ngeh contested just the parliamentary seat and did not contest his state seat which was abolished.

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Ngeh had allegedly tweeted: "Khairy wants Muslim protest against Sam Bacile. For Islam or for his political gains? Are Muslims wasting too much time and energy on this?

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Later inDAP chairman Karpal Singh had rebuked Ngeh and Teng Chang Khim on their acceptance "Datukship" awards of Perak in and Selangor in respectively; which had breached the party's long-standing principal agreed upon since the mids on DAP elected representatives receiving awards during their active political service.