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Keywords: Elderly, inappropriate medication use, polypharmacy, prescribing, TIME criteria Introduction Older adults are mostly exposed to polypharmacy and inappropriate medication use IMU due to the increasing incidence of chronic diseases and narva antihipertansif fiyat syndromes with aging. Polypharmacy and IMU use are well-known risk factors for adverse drug reactions 1,2.

Although the prevalence and negative consequences of polypharmacy and IMU in older adults have been known for many years, inappropriate drug use in many older adults continues even in first-line treatment.

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In this context, strategies are developed to prevent inappropriate drug use and polypharmacy in older adults worldwide. Explicit criteria-based screening tools and implicit judgmental assessment methods are among the tools developed to assist in the management narva antihipertansif fiyat drug therapy in older adults.

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Explicit tools provide the user algorithmic approaches that include lists of drugs to avoid or specific indicators of inappropriate drug use 3. They provide information and guidance on optimal drug use.

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Implicit approaches evaluate the patient with a much broader concept. Therefore, implicit assessments offer the most appropriate assessment for the detection of IMU but are difficult to standardize and require much more time, background knowledge, and judgment.

For these reasons, explicit rather than implicit approaches have been more widely studied to guide clinicians in the management of the IMU. More than 70 tools from many different countries are described in literature for the assessment of inappropriate prescribing Prescribing habits differ between the countries and so does the medications available in the market.

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As such, while the available explicit criteria set for assessing IMU in older adults have provided some important guidance, they had limited benefits due to lack of consideration of circumstances in the countries other than the tool was originated from. To date, there was not any criteria specifically designed from Eastern Europe to aid health care professionals in a better way for optimum prescribing. TIME study group-comprising a national expert group of 49 academics and a national working group of 23 academics conducted

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